6 Reasons Why You Need To  Install A High Security Lock

6 Reasons Why You Need To  Install A High Security Lock

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When it comes to security, you can never compromise on the type of security locks that you use to safeguard your property.  Intruders having access to your home, car or electronics leads to many inconveniences and that is why we lock things up. Having a good security lock offers more security than having an alarm system and it gives one piece of mind that they have prevented intruders from accessing their property. High-security locks are now widely used because of their features and design that improves their ability to resist any force entry or manipulation hence increasing security.

 There are very many brands of high quality locks such a Medeco and Mul-T-Lock and they have keys that are designed in a bow or warding patterns that are patent protected.  It is very hard to manipulate the lock with any other tools apart from the specific key and many of these keys require a specialized key cutting machine.

According to Matt at Suffolk County Locksmith:

 The benefits of having a high-security lock include:

Key control

You cannot obtain a blank key from a hardware or locksmith so as to get make a duplicate for the lock, but it can only be accessed from the person who did your lock installation.  The manufacturer restricts the utility patent of the keys and they are only made available to the locksmith who can only make duplicates when they have been instructed by the initial owner of the lock and you will need to present a special security card when you want any extra keys.

Force resistant

Locks can open up when there is an excess force such as sawing, kicking, but a high-security lock has an additional resistant feature which makes it impossible to open with any amount of pressure.  The special feature locks into the door jamb hence preventing it from being pulled away and it also resists heavy attacks such as that from a  wrench.

Ability to control access

When you have a high-security lock, then you have a master key system which enables you to control which areas are accessible and which are not by other people.  Some locks can be controlled by the use of smartphones.

Pick resistance

Most locks can be picked easily, but a high-security lock is pick resistant because they have a locking mechanism which corresponds to a specific pin in the high-security key hence makes picking hard.

Bump resistant

 Most buglers nowadays use special bump keys to open locks and get access to property, high-security locks are bump proofs which make bumping harder

Drill resistant

A normal drill or a hardened drill can be used to drill into locks, make a small hole in the lock and then insert a stiff wire to unlock the deadbolt.  For the high-security locks, the cylinders are mainly made of hardened metal and have hardened metal inserts in them which make drilling hard.

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All About Schlage Deadbolt And Locks

Door locks are one particular definitely one of the residence fixtures that you really should never forget about in constructing, or renovating, a residential or business constructing. Schlage is a extremely common model for locks, deadbolts and other safety units for residences and business establishments. The company was started by Walter Schlage in California in 1920. Because then, it became a single of the most trustworthy manufacturers of locks and deadbolts. Every Schlage deadbolt or lock is assured to be of the highest quality in phrases of the metal and materials employed, layout for aesthetics and security, and above all sturdiness.

Getting a Schlage Deadbolt or Lock

There are numerous stores and dealers of Schlage deadbolts and locks. It must be easy for you to locate 1 around you. In reality, it is straightforward to discover a Schlage deadbolt and lock vendor on-line by employing the company’s exactly where to obtain characteristic.

At present, there are several imitators making an attempt to promote inauthentic and very low quality deadbolts and locks to buyers seeking for Schlage quality. It is critical to consider the products you will buy. Seem for the stamps on the locks and keys. Make positive the items have the business name or the SC code adopted by a number of numbers. You can also refer to the Schlage site for the functions and styles of their items or the listing of genuine retailers or dealers.

Heading to authorized dealers can assure you that you get top top quality locks and deadbolts and can help you prevent getting counterfeit products. Most importantly, you can get the Schlage deadbolt or lock you need to have for a affordable cost at approved dealers.

Changing a Schlage Deadbolt or Lock

Schlage is identified for their durable deadbolts and locks, and many of their merchandise have five year warranties. This indicates acquiring a Schlage lock or deadbolt can help save you money whilst safeguarding your home or workplace. You would not require a substitute two or 3 a long time soon after you have bought the lock or deadbolt. Previous and more compact Schlage locks and deadbolts can be changed by new, even bigger and more powerful Schlage collection that utilize new technologies. For instance, a traditional keyed entry can be changed by Schlage keypad lock.

You will need to have to take into account the earlier door lock or deadbolt when buying for a replacement.

Upgrading a Schlage Deadbolt or Lock

As a leader in locks, deadbolts and other residence or place of work protection, Schlage has cornered the industry. It is suggested to just take gain of the company’s innovation by upgrading older Schlage deadbolts or locks to a new Schlage merchandise. The company also supplies design and style guides for their products to aid the client in creating lock choices.

Re-keying a Schlage Deadbolt or Lock

Re-keying is done if you want to ensure that only you, and the individuals you’ve trustworthy with a key to your property or office, have access. A Schlage deadbolt or lock can be rekeyed by a specialist locksmith, or you can choose to do it on your personal. Schlage gives rekeying manuals for all of their items.

Today Show Locksmith Scheme

In November 2011, the NBC Today Show conducted an undercover investigation on locksmiths taking advantage of vulnerable consumers. They set up hidden cameras in a home in suburban New York with a producer playing the role of a women locked out. One by one locksmiths showed up after quoting their low price on the phone. When each locksmith arrived, the price changed.  4 out of 8 locksmiths charged significantly more than what was quoted.

There is a locksmith scam going on in the United States. The NBC Today show exposed shady locksmiths preying on the vulnerable. Prices starting at $15, $19, and $29 over the phone changed to $300, $400, and even $800 once the locksmith arrived. Scammer locksmiths unfortunately use a bait and switch technique to get themselves through the door…Literally.

Finding a reputable locksmith is extremely important. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation thinking you’re paying once price, but when its all set and done, you’re paying 4 times, 5 times, or even 6 times what was initially quoted. An honest company will quote a price over the phone and not raise the price at all.

ALOA or the Associated Locksmiths of America recommend storing a locksmith’s phone number in your phone before you even need one. That way you can rest assured you will not be taken advantage of.

Watch the TODAY Show video of the scam below